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Winter Warmer?

Words and photos - John Lymer

Well, we wish it was warmer, but hey that’s UK windsurfing for you! It's only warm when you get in the shower!

8C and the wind speed was teens mph all the way up to 40mph during Storm Elin. My 5.4m sail was about right/too small/too big and sometimes all on the same run! Nearly 15 miles and maximum 27mph wasn’t bad for the conditions though. On one run it went from nuts to nothing in the blink of an eye! So from nicely powered up and planing, there I was, in the water, on my back, under the sail, hooked in. Ah well, nobody drowned and we actually do it for pleasure! 3 windsurfers and 3 wingfoilers were out, but I only managed to get photos of the wingers. The rain and the light was too bad later on.

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West Pennine Windsurfing Club
Watergrove Reservoir
OL12 9NT

WPSC is a not-for-profit Community Amateur Sports Club trading as WPWC