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A busy July weekend

Words & photos - John Lymer

The reservoir is now within 1.2m/4 feet of being full! That's not quite what we expect in July, especially when thinking back to last Summer's low levels. And it's been windy on many more days than a normal July. So, it's to be expected that members and visitors will make the most of it ... and make the most of it we did! Turnout was in the teens on both 29th and 30th July, including 5 visitors on Sunday and 1 on Saturday. The wind was Force 4 both days, nudging 5 at times on Sunday. The newly repainted changing rooms seem well received and a bonus as we seek to make the club ever more welcoming and a pleasant place to be. The photos below were taken while walking around the reservoir, so the dam that features prominently on most other days is completely absent.

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West Pennine Windsurfing Club
Watergrove Reservoir
OL12 9NT

WPSC is a not-for-profit Community Amateur Sports Club trading as WPWC