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Inland Sea - from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Words - John Lymer

Photos - John Lymer & Eve Taylor

In mid-June a group from the Club once again visited Anglesey's Inland Sea at Four Mile Bridge. Saturday was a night out at The Anchorage nearby. Wind eluded us until Monday, but was then a very steady Force 4 and great conditions. Until then the trip was better suited to paddleboarding, wingsurfing and touristy stuff elsewhere. Some members had been put off previously by the slightly awkward attitude of the Pen Y Bont caravan site owners. This site is where you have to launch from, whether staying here or elsewhere, which is a bit unfortunate. We decided to put up with it again, but much to our surprise, we got home to find ourselves banned! Having paid £108 for 3 nights it seems a bit over the top to charge £3 to stay another 3 hours on site but off the overnight pitch. As we left we went to see if we needed to pay. The owner's daughter said £3 was usual. My wife said she wondered if it was still needed, as a fault meant the site had no electric hook-up for 6 hours when we arrived - we thought there'd be a bit of give and take in the interests of goodwill. I don't think the owner understands goodwill though! Due to our "dissatisfaction" we've been told by email to make alternative arrangements in future!

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